Fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 12-18.06.2022.
Both weather and fishing were rather tough this week: strong noth wind with rains and drizzle. It became cold and just slightly warmed-up water became chilly again. By the end of the week water temperature on Finpool was less than 5C. Only Pakhta warmed up and its waters brought the biggest number of  fresh salmon this week. Among them was also the biggest sample. During this week the water level in Varzina went down despite of the rains. Fresh salmon didn’t appear yet above Finpool. At the same time salmon has already reached middle reach of Penka, as it has warmer water and its level decrease much faster.
All in all fishing stays rather tough, even though this week we double the number of fish caught last week: 16 salmon by 6 guests. 3 of them were 96cm, 102cm and 105cm. The last one was parked on Pakhta by Rinat on the last day of fishing. We hope to have better catches next week. On the last day of the week water became better and Hippo stoun showed the top of its head.

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